Flowers by God - Photos by David That's what fbgpbd stands for. So hang on and enjoy these photos of flowers and other God-made beautiful things that I will post on the web. I began my photography career when I was a youngster. My dad gave me a Kodak Brownie camera. And I used it for a few rolls of film and then set it aside. Then along came Jerry. He introduced me to the darkroom and photography became a serious hobby for a couple of years. That was in high school. Now MANY years later I discovered digital photography. And with the encouragement of Bill and Mike, have taken the plunge more significantly. I love flowers and macro shots, and the beauty of God's creation. I am a Christian and believe that God created the world and everything in it. What a privilege we have to photograph it and capture a hint of its beauty. I am thankful, also that I can look forward to an eternal existence with God in a perfect paradise through Jesus Christ. That's my spin on things. I hope you enjoy the photos... A friend recently shared a quote from Lustrum Press’s Portrait Theory. It's by Chuck Close: “I think it’s [meaning photography] the hardest medium in which to have personal vision. That’s because competency is available to everybody. Somebody who has never made a painting before is not likely to make a competent painting. But almost anybody picking up any kind of camera, aiming it for the first time, if they follow the instruction etched on the back of the Brownie, will get something pretty reasonable. I don’t believe in accidental masterpieces, but I have stood in photo labs and watched prints coming out of the computerized process machine and you know, one out of every 150 prints is [snip] good.” - p.42-43